Highways & Construction Conflict Resolution

Our conflict resolution courses equip employees with the skills to deal with dynamic and challenging environments.

What is highways conflict resolution?

Our Highways Conflict Resolution courses equip employees with the skills to deal with dynamic and challenging environments.

In conjunction with major UK employers, Ram Training Professional Development Ltd have developed a bespoke training course to support and enable team members to deal with unforeseen violence.

Conflict Resolution is the ending of a disagreement between 2 or more parties in a controlled manner that is fair and reasonable for all parties concerned (including you and another.

Dealing with Challenging Behaviour makes up part of the subject, when you are dealing with conflict and aggressive or challenging behaviour that is brought about by working with an individual or group of people who due to an illness or condition act in an aggressive and or a challenging manner.

When working with this group you need to be aware that some techniques will be of little use, in this situation you need to concentrate on the techniques that are appropriate to the individual / group setting that you are working with.

What does the course involve?

The Highways Conflict Resolution course is a combination of education, theory and practical training. Confirmation will involve realistic scenario based training exercises.

There are 2 main areas of training conflict resolution and breakaway techniques. Conflict resolution will comprise of 2 classroom periods followed by a role play exercise. Delegates will be expected to involve themselves in professional discussion and other feedback to the group. Breakaway techniques will involve 3 x classroom periods.

Delegates will learn how to use a number of breakaway techniques to help them extract safely from a difficult situation. Confirmation will be an outdoor scenario based exercise. Delegates will all be issued with a course hand-out so there will be no requirement to take notes.

“The conflict resolution training has provided our employees with the skills they need to help identify and deal with verbal, and in some cases physical, abuse in the workplace.  The training was delivered in a very interactive, informative and professional way. The feedback from those employees who have attended the course is very positive, with many stating that they have more confidence now and know that as a company, we take their Health and Safety extremely seriously.”

David Campbell CFIOSH MScGroup HS&E DirectorEurovia UK