Environmental Policy Statement

Together all members of staff recognise that all of the company’s operational activities often have environmental implications and, as such, are aware of their duty to conduct all activities in an environmentally aware manner through complying with current and future environmental legislation, and maintaining our management system in accordance with the general requirements of BS EN ISO 14001.

As such it is Ram Training Professional Development Ltd’s aim to:

  • Prevent environmental damage and, wherever possible, identify opportunities for environmental improvement and encourage the company’s clients to consider and implement environmental initiatives
  • Fully comply with all current and future legislation
  • Encourage all members of staff and sub-contractors to avoid and prevent environmental damage
  • Provide and display this policy document to all members of staff for their general reference
  • Ensure that, under the direction of the Managing & Operations Director, we review this policy at least annually, or sooner as needs dictate

Implementation and monitoring
The Managing & Operations Director is responsible for the effective implementation of our environmental policy and as such is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all work is carried out in accordance with relevant environmental legislation, and our policies and procedures;
    Promoting the use of materials such as paper etc that (where appropriate) is procured from sustainable sources (i.e. are reusable and/or recyclable);
  • Seeking to conserve the use of energy, water and paper;
  • Taking appropriate measures to control pollution from unnecessary smoke, fumes and dust; Considering international protocols that support ozone-depleting gases such as CFCs
  • Ensuring that all members of staff are encouraged to avoid the excessive use of fuel, unnecessary braking and, wherever it is possible to do so, to use public transport or any other environmentally friendly modes of transport;
  • Considering the protection of wildlife, habitats, flora and fauna, archaeological and heritage sites
  • Ensuring that any incidents that are deemed detrimental to the environment are investigated, reported and effective preventive action is taken to prevent recurrence
  • Ensuring that all members of staff understand the need to notify the Managing & Operations Director of any deficiencies that they have observed to enable effective actions and control measures to be put into place;
  • Ensuring that all ongoing environmental issues are periodically discussed and the results made available to all members of staff and any other interested parties as necessary; and
  • Periodically reviewing and monitoring the company’s environmental policies, processes and working practices to confirm their continuing suitability, effectiveness and compliance with environmental legislation

The company’s sub-contractors and clients

The Managing and Operations Director is also responsible for:

  • Encouraging the company’s sub-contractors and clients to adopt, and where ever appropriate to do so, implement whatever environmental initiatives are considered to be of value to their business; and
  • Assisting the company’s sub-contractors and clients through ensuring that they remain aware of, and are capable of meeting, their statutory and regulatory obligations