It has been some weeks since the UK suffered an attack from a terrorist group. The media has turned its attention again to Brexit and political infighting.

The army patrols have now disappeared and the police service is back to steady state but the threat of an attack is still very real.

Who’s responsibility is it to deal will the immediate aftermath of a terrorist attack?

Ram Training offer a 3 hour, level 2 course in Public Immediate Actions

The emergency services the military the other person or should we all shoulder some burden of responsibility?

Ram Training Professional Development Ltd now offer a 3 hour, level 2 course in Public Immediate Actions. Citizen Aid have set the standard and we want to ensure those professional standards get passed on to the public sooner rather than later.

The citizen aid training package consists of learning common-sense procedures such as:

  • Recognising an active shooter,
  • knife attacker,
  • suspect bomb
  • an exploded bomb.

To add to this, we will also talk about the more relevant phenomena of a vehicle borne attack.

The Citizen Aid training package will also teach you how to treat a casualty.
Many people we talk to will say” it’s OK we have done a 1st Aid training course”, this will help but we want to teach you how to deal with far more life threatening injuries such as:

  • The application of a tourniquet or how to pack a deep wound.
  • Blood loss since it the biggest contributor to death in an incident involving a terrorist bomb of shooting.

Citizen Aid training will train you to be aware, be observant and be ready.

We are at threat at work, to and from work, on holiday, at the airport or when socialising.

As responsible citizens, we wouldn’t drive without wearing seat belt or our children to go near open water without first teaching them how to swim.

Citizen Aid Training is important and could be one the most decisive 3 hours of your time you spend in the next few months. Citizen Aid Training should be a family, office or community based activity.

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